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The Queens LGBT Community Center offers programs and services for LGBT and allied people from all walks of life.

Our programs and services

The Q  Center: Queens LGBT Community Center offers programs and services to LGBT and straight-allies of all ages. Safe Schools Initiative // HIV/STI Prevention // Community Center Space // Senior Services // Center CARE Counseling and Support Groups // Community Education // Help Line



More than 80% of each dollar raised goes directly to programs and services.

The Q Center serves as the social and cultural epicenter for the LGBT community

The LGBT Network has been providing acclaimed and highly recognized services for over 22 years for LGBT communities on Long Island and operates 4 LGBT Centers. Since July 2014, the LGBT Network has already grown strong roots in Queens and is providing programs and services to hundreds. The LGBT Network’s Q Center has been working with middle schools to establish gay-straight alliance (GSA) clubs and provide education and training for students, parents, and faculty in both middle and senior high schools. The Q Center has also enrolled dozens of families in the NYS Marketplace for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

Q Center helps LGBT individuals and their loved ones to achieve their fullest potential through education, support, and advocacy.

The mission of Q Center is to celebrate and take pride in LGBT identities, care for individuals and groups in need, educate the public about those individuals and groups, address health disparities, build community, and empower all. Q Center particularly works to help those most underserved through addressing heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia.

Q Center is an organization of the LGBT Network